How To Maintain And Take Care Of Your Wooden Gates and Doors

There is a certain appeal when it comes to having wooden gates and doors. They look classy, rustic, and something straight out of a movie. They look fantastic and serve the purpose of keeping us secure. Breaking through a high-quality wooden gate or door is quite a task, and that is why people love them that much.

In all its glory, wood has one problem: maintenance!

But when you contact a professional company as So-Cal Gates and Doors, they will have the following to say when it comes to all your wooden gates and doors.

  • Use treated wood to build the structure

The maintenance of a door or gate made of wood starts initially, even before construction has begun. And that crucial process is treating the wood. The wood you use, whether softwood or hardwood, should be treated with modern UV oil. It repels water and stops the wood from drying out unevenly, which would otherwise result in warping.

Be sure even to treat every cut-out hole since they are an open surface. You need to use the appropriate oils and preservatives to get the job done. The exact needs to be done for the edges, faces, and drilled holes.

  • Paint the structure

Besides using treated wood, you must also use an extra layer of paint to coat your gates and doors. And this should be done at least once every few years. A clear sign that you need to redo the painting is if you notice some chipping of the old coat.

  • Clean the structure the right way

Indeed you may take a brush and water to clean your door, but is that the right way to do so? In most cases, it is not. Water is not a good thing to add to a wooden surface, let alone a wooden door or gate, but it should be used. The trick here is how you use it, something professional gate and door maintenance crews know what to do.

Take away

Call So-Cal Gates & Doors if you want your wooden doors and gates installed, cleaned, and maintained in Corona, Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Ontario, or Chino. They do the best job in the country, hands down. With all that information, now your wooden doors and gates should remain in good shape for a long time. Remember, treat, paint, and clean.