Fail secure; cannot be back-driven upon complete power loss.

Max Rhino 5500 brushless DC sliding gate operator is a solar ready, size 50 chain powerhouse that upon complete power failure can not be back driven, fail secure. If security is an issue, our patented chain drop can trigger an alarm wirelessly, silently. Our lockable steel covers can limit unwanted program changes by the wrong personnel. Capable of continuous duty cycles to meet the high demands of industry. Full battery back up and emergency jog function allows entry in case of UL failure. These and many more features make the Max Rhino 5500 the perfect slide gate operator for your most demanding commercial projects. Class lll and lV only.


 Built-in battery backup

 2 AGM (7Amp/Hr) 12V, Yuasa batteries, 40 cycles

 Operator does not rely on the batteries when AC power is present

 On board diagnostic logs 8000 past events, large LCD display

 Shows current and past errors and info

 Dynamic braking system, on incline applications.

 Audible alarm and relay out trigger when unauthorized entry (push back) is attempted

 Brushless DC Motor equivalent to 2 1/2 HP AC motor

 Gate capacity 5500 lbs

 3-year warranty on gate operator

 Battery 1-year warranty

 Motor overcurrent safety shutoff for additional protection

 Direct drive gearbox in oil bath allows less moving parts (making the system more reliable) as well as quieter (virtually silent)

 Lightning Protection Advanced lightning strike protection up to 20,000 Volts/10,000 amp

 Continuous duty cycles at extreme temperature range -4˚F to 165˚F (-20o˚C to +74˚C) operational temperature range including battery performance without needing a heater

 Safety monitor device types: Normally closed or 10K types (most safety inputs in the industry)

 UL 325/991 compliant Class III, and IV. CSA approved

 Rhino Slide Gate Operator dimensions (14.5” W x 19 .625” D x 29” H) weight 225 lbs

 The chain tray can be used on this gate operator

 Chain #50 nickel plated • 30 ft included

 Independent open and closing speed control, adjustable from 8” per second to 12” per second

• The jog key feature on the Rhino is used for emergency opening or closing. Think of the jog circuit as a single trace from key to power source to motor. The jog input can also be connected a latched relay on your keypad for emergency opening of the sliding gate due to UL2018 open device failure.

 Programmable virtual limit standard

• Optional magnetic limit sensors available

 Gate status outputs for gate monitoring/Gate Open or Close

 Power options Input 115V/230V AC single phase

• Solar panel compatible (24V DC)


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