Use These Tips To Give Your Fence a Facelift

A broken wooden fence can be more than just an annoyance and a disadvantage to the appearance of your property. It may potentially be hazardous.

You may believe that restoring your old fence to its former glory is a job best left to the pros like So-cal Gates and Doors, but most fence-related repairs can be completed with some DIY attitude and the right advice. Take a look at these ideas for reviving your wooden fence!

  • Take a Close Look at Your Situation

Before you do anything, make sure you undertake a thorough analysis of the problem. It may be obvious that the fence requires good scrubbing and even some painting. Any cracked boards or rotted fence posts may be less obvious.

Examine the fence for any deterioration. A garden hose will exacerbate existing damage, causing more harm than good. Identify trouble locations in the fence, determine a course of action in each case, and put them on your list of things to do later.

You can look into fences and gates near Riverside, CA, if you live in the neighboring regions, say Norco or Corona.

  • Mount Some Lighting

By night, lighting installed in your fence post caps creates a magnificent environment for your home. It will greet visitors at your front door and provide your outside gathering on lovely summer evenings with an extra-special touch. Choose lights that are powered by LEDs or solar energy.

  • Painting and Tinting

Painting or refinishing your fence is a wonderful way to protect or reattach your planks for a longer-lasting fence with a better appearance. It’s your decision, but it could be the change you’ve been waiting for to liven up your yard this year.

  • Get The Most Out Of Your Landscaping

Plants can be used to help spruce up a fence, particularly if you’re working with a limited budget. You can place trees adjacent to their fence; when the foliage grows, it works as a natural boundary, allowing the growth to be contained by the real fence. You can obtain a pretty smart combination without spending a fortune on your fence with a little mowing and trimming.

Climbing plants, such as vines, are very famous for creating a green wall impression. For a while, that strategy won’t necessitate much painting, but your fence may begin to wear with time.


Maintaining a clean and well-kept fence can not only enhance the curb appeal of your property but will also keep you and your family safe in the long run!