Fencing Services

Do you need a company that will offer you the best fence installation in Riverside? Or perhaps you need an upgrade on your electric gate? Then you have come to the right place. At So-Cal Gates & Doors, we offer the best service in So CA.

Here is everything you need to know about our Fencing services.

What our Fencing services package includes

Installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrade of:

  • Fence Installation in Riverside
  • Electric fence installation in Riverside
  • Ornamental iron fence services in Riverside
  • Steel fence services in Riverside
  • Wooden fence services in Riverside
  • Aluminum fence services in Riverside
  • Chain link fence services in Riverside
  • General fence repair in Riverside
  • Electric fence repair in Riverside

Why Hire our services?

We do it all

We do everything that your fence needs. And we also install access control systems that give you the power to see and control every entry on your property. We do locks, alarms, and sensors. We also offer services like remote replacement in Riverside.

So-Cal Gates and Doors serves commercial and residential properties Each fence we build is durable, provides security, and is perfect for any establishment.

We have experts with knowledge of all types of fences

We have a team that will help with all the electric Fence installations in Riverside. We do the wiring, configuration, and train you how to use the entire system. If you also want aluminum or steel fences installed, we do that as well. At So-Cal Gates and Doors we have welders in-house with years of experience installing these fences. We install standard designs as well as any custom design in Riverside you may have in mind. We work with any design you have in mind and execute even a wooden fence perfectly.

We have in-house experts for all your repairing needs

If any kind of fence requires repair because of a broken part, So-Cal Gates and doors will get it done. We repair issues like leaning fences, broken fences, and so much more. This includes all kinds of fences including wooden, iron wrought, aluminum, steel, and chain-link.

Electric fence repair needs specialized experts which we do have on our team as well. They fix any issue that may have arisen from the wiring, mechanism, or malfunctioning parts. So-Cal Gates and Doors truly does it all!

Contact us today!

Reach us on:

Physical Address: 19510 Van Buren Blvd Ste F3 Riverside, CA 92508

Phone: (951) 500-1806

Web: https://www.socalgatesanddoors.com/

Open: Monday – Saturday 8 am-9 pm