Removing Plant Vines From Your Riverside Fences

If you are looking into a home improvement project and the plant vines hanging over your fence hinder you, this is the piece for you. Most homeowners living in Riverside, Corona, Ontario, Norco, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Chino need these tips. And when while looking for granite near me on search engines or gates near me, you should consider contacting So-Cal Gates & Doors to help you will any gates and fence matter.

  • Removing Ivy vines

Ivy is a persistent plant and can be challenging to eradicate. It’s also the more devastating of these two plants because they will grow into any part of your fence and gates that aren’t watched closely enough. Once ivy has taken hold on one side or another, its long tendrils weave their way throughout every inch. If not immediately dealt with by exterminators, you may find yourself in an expensive situation where your entire backyard becomes impossible to use for anything other than lawn maintenance.

When the ivy on your fence and backyard gate door in Riverside is taking over, and you need to get rid of it before the autumn winds take hold. Start by cutting as deep into the root area as possible with a pair of sharp scissors or an ax. After that, spray down any exposed roots with herbicide- just be sure not to harm anyone else in your yard.

  • Vine cutbacks

Vines on your fence gate may not be as aggressive in terms of wrapping themselves around your fence, but they can still grow into effective blockers over time.

In many cases, you may not have to get rid of a vine. The best way is often just by trimming it down or attaching something like wire which will help redirect the vines away from your fence and on its new course instead! You can also train vines with strings in this same manner – either try one method or combine them for more success.

Take away

Long-term prevention of both plant types comes through regular digging and spraying. Locate the roots for ivy and vines, the former in particular, dig them out, then spray their area with a quality herbicide. And if these plants damaged your fence or automatic doot, call So-Cal Gates & Doors so that they can do the fixing and maintenance. We hope this piece has given you some home improvement tips when it comes to ivy and vines.