The Proper Way To Clean Your Gate

We’ve all seen them, but do you know how to clean your gates the proper way? Gates are the constant in almost every household in Riverside, Corona, Norda, Ontario, and several other neighborhoods. And cleaning them is easy! Follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be on your way to a gate that looks like new.

1.  Remove anything from the gate that is loose or not attached

Before you start with your cleaning activity, it would be great to dislodge anything that is not attached to the gate. This may be loose paint, rust, or even a removable part of the gate. Removing these items out of the way makes your work more effortless in the steps to follow.

2.  Clean any dirt off with a damp cloth

After detaching all the loose parts and things, start wiping down the remaining dust using a damp cloth. You use a damp cloth to reduce the amount of moisture you introduce to the surface of the gate. And depending on the material, it is made of, water can cause a bit of damage if not regulated. Ensure that the entrance is dry before you proceed to the next step.

3.  Apply lubricant

The next step is to add some grease to the moving parts of the gate. However, it would be best to try as much as you can to wipe off the previous coat. This is because, by the time you are doing this exercise, dirt and dust must have mixed with this grease, and removing it helps with the cleaning. After removing as much as you can, go in with an extra layer of grease and ensure you smear it well. Move the gate back and forth so that you can get that fresh batch of oil in-between the moving parts.

4.  Close the gate and latch securely if applicable

After step number three, you are officially done with cleaning your gate. So the last step is to close the gate securely and latch it safely.

Bottom line

In just four easy steps, you now have a clan gate. But suppose this is still too much for you; you can hire professionals like So-Cal Gates & Doors to help you with this activity. And guess what? They will go the extra mile to ensure that any part that needs fixing or repair is done as well. So you get the whole package plus a clean gate!