The Three Main Types Of Garage Doors

The garage door is more often than not put into mind as an after-thought. And this should not be the case. The garage door is just as important as any other door in your home because it is also an entrance and exit point in the house. And so it must be secure. Moreover, you also store some of your treasured items there like tools, sentimental items, not forgetting your car. So here are the three kinds that you can select from. To install any, you can give a call to So-Cal Gates & Doors to help you with whichever you choose.

  • The roller garage door

The roller garage door, just as the name suggests, has a rolling mechanism. It consists of a system that, once activated, rolls the jointed door upwards to open up the garage. And when you want to close the garage, you roll down the door. These kinds are durable and can operate automatically or manually by remote control or a button.

  • The section garage door

This garage door appears like a roller door with larger sections of the steel sheet. The panel moves upwards and becomes horizontally suspended at the top of the garage to open it up. To close the garage, the panel is rolled down, and it resumes its original position. This, too, can be operated manually or automatically.

  • The tilt garage door

The tilt garage door slopes to a certain angle enough to let the car drive-in. They are also called counterweight garage doors because they are designed to hold a certain weight and material depending on the construction needs. These kinds of garage doors are a bit more complex than the other two, but ther still serve the purpose of keeping the garage and everything in it safe.

Take away

Each homeowner has different preferences, which will entail the type of garage door they want to install. And now that you know of the three main ones, you can make an informed decision to choose one. So much so that if you are in Riverside, Corona, Chino, Eastvale, Ontario, and the neighboring areas, feel free to call So-Cal Gates and Doors, and they will help you get it done. Your part will be to select which of the three you will use, and they will do the rest. After installation, you are the one left to admire and enjoy the doors.