Tips to strengthen Your Fence

A well-built, strong fence is essential when living in California and its cities, including Chino, Riverside, East vale, Jurupa Valley, Norco, Corona, and Ontario. The state of California has passed an act regarding fencing in 2013 known as the “Good Neighbor Fence Act” that states, “Adjoining landowners are presumed to share an equal benefit from any fence dividing their properties unless otherwise agreed by the parties.” Therefore fencing is an integral part of owning a home in California.

When building a fence, you should consider making a solid and long-lasting fence because of the numerous benefits, including safety and security, privacy, and aesthetics. Plus get professionals like So-cal Gates and Doors to get this job perfectly executed. Here are tips for you to strengthen your fence;

  • Use the right materials

To have a robust and durable fence, you need to use suitable materials when building the fence. Several materials can be used when making a fence, from wood, steel, composite, PVC, and vinyl. These and other relevant materials can be found in your home improvement stores around your city. PVC and wood are the relatively cheaper options, while vinyl and metal are a bit expensive but are solid and long-lasting and can last 20 to 30 years.

Composite is created from a combination of plastic and wood fiber. They are durable like plastics and have that aesthetic wooden look. They are also more bug-resistant than woods and therefore last longer.

  • Fence Reinforcement

A leaning fence is a sure sign that one or more posts need to be strengthened or reinforced. If the wood is completely broken or if the concrete is cracked or less than 3 inches thick, the post will need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can use wood reinforcement if the post doesn’t have concrete, or you can reinforce the post with a metal sleeve if the base is rotting or cracked.

  • Carry out fence maintenance

The posts that hold the vinyl fencing in Riverside need regular maintenance for it to be strengthened. If not kept moist, the high clay content might shrink and loosen as it dries, then squeeze your posts straight out of the ground when moistened again. Dry wooden fences also provide a suitable environment for bugs to eat the wood. Therefore you should water your fences.

  • Hire professionals

Lastly, hire a professional to check up on your fence on an annual basis to get a professional opinion on your fence and whether or not you need to make changes, and the necessary steps you should take to improve your fence. Consider giving So-Cal Gates and Doors a call, they are the best at what they do, offering not only fence building, but gate repair in Riverside, and all California gate and entry systems.

Take away

Having a solid, well-maintained fence is essential, as mentioned above. The tips provided offer ways in which you can maintain and strengthen your fence.